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Aluminium Welding

Over the last few years it has become apparent that aluminium welding has become one of the most sought after welding process closely followed by Stainless Steel. We can weld all aspects of aluminium for example:

Engine casings
Hand Rails

Aluminium can be welded by either T.I.G or M.I.G with T.I.G being the most preferred as it is a much higher quality weld process with better fusion for under 3mm thick material than Aluminium M.I.G. Aluminium M.I.G is used mainly in production welding and for material over and above 3mm thick where less heat is required to avoid distortion. Aluminium has many different grades and this makes a big difference to what filler wire is used, and how it is pre and post heated. With castings it can only be determined if its weld able once we have tried to weld a small part if the composition is not known.