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Arc Welding (stick welding)

Arc welding has many different names so we’ll stick to using the most common names which are Arc Welding and Stick Welding. Arc welding is mainly used for site welding and considered to be the more industrial process for welding plates onto beams for example or repairing gates which cant be removed from a place of residence or site.

Arc welding does have more uses though as we use Arc welding to repair cast steel, you need special welding rods which are designed for dissimilar metals which are found in cast products. Fire places for example can be repaired if they have cracked over time or been dropped and a piece has fallen off. This does apply to all cast steel but some castings can not be welded due to the composition of the steel.

The other use for Arc welding is being able to do stainless welding which is usually known as stainless armour plating which tends to be used on farm machinery because it has good wear abilities and last a lot longer then hardened mild steel.